How do you entitle yourself?

Were you ever asked to cultivate it?

Perhaps, most of you would say no, because most of the interactions have revolved around negative connotations. You would have feared it so much so that at some point made you fearful.

Give it a chance, once again and recreate it. In a way that begin believing that you are allowed to be here, and just by believing that – you are allowed to have your own version, vision and voice.

A way which is devoid of the restricted negative self absorption, that what is free from self doubt, self hatred, self disgust, self judgement, or a sense of grandeur, considering oneself as the greatest.

It is lot to do with how you define yourself. Begins when you stand and say whatever it is that is away from obediently responding to what others have to say about you; that you are stupid or you suck.

Stand up and be what you are.
I am a scientist.
I am a painter.
I am a _______, and I am a _______ and would be ________ as well!
I am figuring out what I am, but I am confident and curious enough to find it!

Say it for yourself, let anyone in the universe know who you are – an announcement to yourself and others. Helps you to rise and reclaim your potential.

Begin having a conversation yourself with anyone and feel entitled to say that in a conversation.

Practise it as much, anytime and anywhere. Only when you stay persistent, you would be able to observe its impact.

Keep yourself constantly reminding, re-reminding yourself and creating irrespective of the anxieties, outcome or insecurities that you might have.

Calmly, yet firmly, even to the darkest voice within you.

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14 thoughts on “How do you entitle yourself?

  1. Love this ๐Ÿ˜ Often weโ€™re not taught to claim our space unapologetically. Typically, weโ€™re taught to stick to the status quo, to label ourselves via a few checkboxes and to confine ourselves to one thing. Thanks for sharing.

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