Overcoming Winter Blues

Most of are most likely to visit our doctors during winters for anything such as regular check-ups for ourselves and our family members to see if we are actually winter ready.

But how many of us really go for a mental health check-up to keep our ourselves from the mental health struggles?

According to National Institute of Mental Health, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)  type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year.

In most cases, seasonal affective disorder symptoms appear during late fall or early winter and go away during the sunnier days of spring and summer. Less commonly, people with the opposite pattern have symptoms that begin in spring or summer.

It is suggestible to visit your doctor and speak about this than of suffering in silence. Your doctor will be helping you to make a plan about what are the things you need to get in place.

For some people Vitamin D supplements may also be suggested to help you balance your mood, based on your blood test.

Some physicians may also suggest you to take Light Therapy that is a use of bright light which mimics as light from the sun. You would require to follow certain instructions, based on your needs for specific time intervals.

Increasing activity level so that you are moving around in general. Exercising into your regimen will help you to boost your hormones and improve your mood naturally. Additionally, improves blood flow. Strive for ten minute walk, jumping, stretching or integrating all of these.

Try to stay social as hibernating almost all the time will make you feel gloomy. Try to maintain healthy interaction, add it as a part of your daily routine with your friends, family, co-workers, or strangers around a common interest topic.

Eating well is another most important way to ward off the winter blues. Comfort food can help you to feel better and fill you with warmth and love. Try to make homemade comfort foods, indulge in it. Such as stews, soups. Choosing healthy foods is always a good option.

Indulging in indoor hobbies while you are at home can be a great way to begin with. Get all your books that you bought this year off your shelf and give them a read. Or watch your favourite series or play the instrument that you have put on rest for a while.

I hope this winters go well for all of you. 🙂

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Talking about grief

When was the last time you grieved?

Taking time to remember, because it was longer than you expected. I empathise with you on this knowing the fact that it is not easy.

You tend to hold on strong so much and for so long that you forget that it still lives within your core.

The fear of death percolates beneath the surface and often haunts you. And denial is how you cope with it.

Death is a visitor in the course of lives. Some of it is visible in physicality, such as death of a dear one, pregnancy loss or a animal. While, the other stays invisible but hurts equally, such as loss of a relationship or friendship.

Let me make you look at the other side, the good reasons you should confront death.

It is helpful for you to explore into the course and meaning of one’s own life, given the fact that the life and death are interdependent. Then why to possibly ignore it?

It helps you to learn to live well and learn to die well equally.

Gives you a scope to know your own emotions and thoughts about death.

Makes you look at everyday from a different lens. This reminds me of Steve Jobs quote – “If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you’ll be right. Every morning I looked in the mirror and asked myself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I do today? ”

And lastly, gives you a chance to rivet your attention upon ‘being’ itself. It is a powerful experience.

Once you delve into those realms of existence; you have a good chance to come back to the stream of life and live it.

Here is one of my favourite read – Tolstoy’s story “The Death of Ivan Ilyich.”

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Stuck with the negatives?

You must be knowing that the more you repeat, the better it gets in your system and remember it for a long duration. Similarly, when you focus on the negative aspect or a thought for too long, you are rehearsing it into your system.

Studies have shown, that when you focus on the negatives for long, even when you are shown the positive aspects. You tend to feel low because you have focused on the negatives for too long.

For instance – when you get a job, you are likely to feel happy and return back to your normal state. But, if you get rejected, you are likely to feel low for a prolonged period of time and even if you happen to get a job after that rejection, the level of happiness is likely to be a little less.

Now what happens here…

Look at the two frames – the gain frame and the loss frame, using the example of a glass half full and half empty. The half full glass i.e. the gain frame is likely to make us feel happy and satisfied. While on the contrary, half empty glass i.e. loss frame is likely to make you feel gloomy and low.

Now what to do about it, rehearse on the good parts which would boost you and prevent you from drowning in the pool of miseries. What about a switch from thinking about it one way to thinking about it the other way?

It is pretty easy to tilt towards the negatives because it is so rehearsed in your system. For instance – if you get criticized by a co-worker, you will focus on it all your day and make your day clouded by those thoughts – Am I not god enough? He/she are the worst people… or the world sucks.

Try beginning that shift of you day to – what are the other things happened today? What are the things that made you feel grateful for? How can you make your evening better?

The matter is about shifting your rehearsal pattern. Focusing on the things beyond a negative pattern.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” –Aldous Huxley

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Catch Up with your Emotions

Emotions are a part of your daily functioning. They are present in each and everyone. They guide and help you to make your decisions.

Just like how you respond when some- How are you feeling today? or How do you feel when so and so incidence happened?

Over the past few years, you must have observed yourself more connected with your phone and less with yourself.

Here is what you can know about emotion management. You can make use of this when you are hit by your emotions.

  • How to handle it
  • Your go-to strategy
  • Triggering thoughts followed by a criticism

There are some important points to observe when you are in overwhelming situations. As you must be aware that once you lose track of yourself, you tend feel low and worse.

Emotion management is a topic which is like – read more and apply more and more. Train yourself. Know your high points and your low points. Find what helps you and what doesn’t. Your struggles are not same as others and so is your personality, or who you are.

Pay-attention to how you talk to yourself
So what precedes your emotion, it is your cognition. Self-talk plays a key role in how you are feeling about yourself. Imagine yourself telling this to yourself- “I suck at doing work.” vs. “I am best at getting this task done.” Do you feel the difference, yes? That is what I am talking about.

Emotional vocabulary – it needs to be worked upon
It is not good to write or keep using better words which exactly resonate with us. Using good/bad is just too old. Think about how over the years you have improved your vocabulary on writing your emails or a cover letter. Improving, expanding and refining your emotion vocabulary helps you find in a great way. You can use emotion wheel available online.

I keep talking about it in most of my posts. It is so important. The more you feel and observe your self, the better you will become at regulating your emotions. Begin with breathing and paying attention to yourself keeping all the other things aside when you feel overwhelmed.

“Accept who you are; and revel in it.”― Mitch Albom

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Ask Yourself These Questions Every Month.

Looking to this day, the last month of 2019 has begun. And there is nothing more effective than asking oneself effective questions. Sitting and planning about the upcoming month sometimes help, if not always.

Every month is like a new beginning and almost feels like a tabula-rasa. There is a lot you can achieve by just setting some small goals and habits for oneself, just like your own monthly bucket list.

Here are some questions from my list which can help you to uncover and reflect on how you would like your last month of the year to be.

How would I like to feel during this month?
Simple question can help you to bring in a great check on your feelings and help you uncover how you want to feel. It will help you to prioritise on the things or aspects of your life and of course on the parts that will get you closer to how you would like to feel.

Where would I like to be by the end of this month?
It does not have to be revolving around achievements always. You can of other aspects such as your personal growth, a business idea you have been working upon, the actions you would like to take for your life or just a small get away to give yourself a break.

What would make this month accomplishing for me?
It really depends on what makes you feel more satisfied in life. It is important that you do not involve in self doubt but instead look at the things you would like to accomplish for yourself, even if is learning how to drive, or a musical instrument. Anything that makes you feel happy and satisfied in life.

What advice I would like to give myself for this month?
Many of us actively involve in giving others advice. Why give ourselves a backseat then? This is a new practice I started this year and believe me it helps me. All of us have a good share of experiences and on the days we feel low, words help. My last month advice to myself was – “I will give myself a chance to rise today.” Find what helps you.

What is my budget for this month?
Give yourself a set plan and manage in that amount. At the end of the day, we should all save for the days when we just want a break for ourselves. And as grown ups we should sustain independently. I usually take out a monthly expenditure and deposit the rest of my savings.

I hope this helps you in some way. Go, give it a try!

After all, change in itself is process driven.

Cultivating Punctuality

Before beginning to work on punctuality, it is essential that you understand what is making you late. Watch yourself and your routine carefully to identify what really is making you late. DeLonzor author of Never Be Late Again says – many late people — including herself — are likely to have an aversion to leaving the house. To combat this she uses a mantra of sorts: “When I catch myself doing this, I’ll snap or clap and say ‘This can wait.”

This article is not here to make you feel bad about your lateness or to say lateness makes you the worst of all. It is just to help you to work it out, if this is one.

Firstly, If you want to begin with identifying, have a look at DeLonzor who identifies four types of persistently late people

  1. The Crisis Maker
  2. The Defier
  3. The Dreamer
  4. The Perfectionist

I am refraining to crowd this article with too much information so you can go ahead find your type.

Secondly, your motivation is with you. Find. Find Find. because it helps when you have a reason to be on time, it can be anything. I can give you an example here – Reach to work early and head home early to spend time with yourself, your family, or your pet.

Thirdly, begin with declutter. The thing is we unnecessarily clutter our lives with all things, thoughts and what not. Take an example of your cupboard, how easy it gets when you keep things in place, you find them early.

And, lastly, take responsibility. Know what makes you late, it can even be spending too much time in front of the cupboard every morning just to finalise what you’d want to wear today. Take notice of where you are investing too much time where it is not even required. Decide it the night before or wake up early.

End note – You are too amazing to put a blame on yourself for being late. Cultivate an attitude of punctuality, even if it is 10 minutes in prior.

From Subconscious To Conscious

Subconscious – the word that immediately captures our attention.

Photo by David Cassolato on Pexels.com

Subconscious is a part of mind placed right under your conscious. It works silently, just as the back coding behind your computer screen. It closely works with accepting or rejecting information, and helping you form your perception. Every experience acts like a sponge into your subconscious. It absorbs the detail and information.

All the detail and information that was absorbed gets utilized in a way that helps us to work effectively in the present moment. Our subconscious also referred to as “auto pilot” has immense power to control and navigate our day to day lives, even our preferences perhaps. From the kind of food we eat, music we like, career preferences to the actions we take when faced by stressful events.

It plays a vital role in forming our perceptions. While you were a child you only accepted what was fed into our systems, but as you grew up, you started understanding life differently, and that is how some of the learning created conflicts. For instance – you accepted the when you were told as a child that you can not do this task on your own. As you grew up your immediate reaction to something would be, I can not do this work because I might be incompetent at it. Henceforth, let me give up.

See the thing is, our beliefs are shaped on the basis of your programming, it is similar to how an app functions, just how all the information that is there on the screen consists of a back coding behind it. Often influenced by the people you are surrounded with, environment, texts you read, or perhaps learning in any other format.

So, what can be done , can you never change or restructure. Well! definitely, you can. The subconscious is always working. Though we must understand that what was learnt might take some time to restructure. Although, once you get the information and practice consistently. You can rewire and benefit ourselves.

Here is how:


When you are visualizing the pictures through your mind, the subconscious mind can capture and respond to it. It is a great way to empower and reprogram your mind with uplifting and positive images.

Try practicing for at least 10-15 minutes on daily basis. Simply close your eyes and try to bring attention to the experiences you want to have in your life. It can be visualizing images of a fulfilling relationship, a beautiful home, a dream project or anything.

Most importantly, when you are visualizing, try to emit positive emotions, emit love and gratitude towards the experience. Allow peace to flow through you.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Resetting Environment

You see environment plays an important role in becoming. Try to keep keen notice that your environment is filled with people who are successful, who are filled with positive and growth mindset. Do not waste your time or energy on something that is not serving you with either one of these.

You many not necessarily seek out for people, it is of course one way. But the other ways of doing it can be listening to courses online, read about people who inspire you and begin.

Binaural Beats

I know it may sound fictional to you as you read this, but there have been overwhelming research on brainwaves and the results have been quite positive. The audio recordings are likely to have altering brainwave effects.

It relies on what you are doing and fall into specific frequencies.

Gamma – while engaging in motor functions

Beta – while conscious and actively concentrating

Alpha – while relaxing

Theta – while you are drowsy or lightly sleeping

Delta – while you are in deep sleep

The reprogramming occurs by creating a receptive medium for installing positive messages.

Ps. I have tried linking some audios for you here. If someone has better audios than the ones linked, please share in the comments below.

“The way to get rid of darkness is with light; the way to overcome cold is with heat; the way to overcome the negative thought is to substitute the good thought. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish.” Jospeh Murphy

Quotes to Help You Transform

We all keep looking for sources to work on ourselves constantly. In this constant seeking process, we look at pages of the books, philosophies, religious books, and sometimes even in the conversations we have in our lives.

Today, the generation is upgrading and updating itself every single moment, then why take a back seat, rather make notes and build something meaningful and magical. On the simplest of things to most debated and searched topics such as how to save money, how to purchase property, etc, etc.

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza on Pexels.com

Here is some motivation for you to go look out find what resonates.

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

“If you want to be tougher mentally, it is simple: Be tougher. Don’t meditate on it” – Jocko Willink

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
– Farrah Gray

“We are the impossibility in an impossible universe.” – Ray Bradbury

“You don’t need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!” – John Lennon

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations.” – John Green

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”  –  Steve Jobs

We shall rise insensibly, and reach the tops of the everlasting hills, where the winds are cool and the sight is glorious.”  – Paul Kalanithi

End note – Your motivation begins to soar when you begin to believe in the possibility of growth.

How To Save Your Energy

Most often when the day ends, we tend to regret for not utilising our time efficiently.

Photo by Dhivakaran S on Pexels.com

Breakdowns happen on the rarest of times on the strangest of things. Its true that we tend to slip off the grid. It makes us feel that everything is futile. Ennui befalls everyone. But what we push away is our own hidden resources that can help us to overcome.

I have been there so many times, and I know that smile on your face is enough of an evidence for me to know that you have been there, or are there too.

I remember getting frustrated on small and futile topics at work. For instance – wifi not working, coffee machine going out of work, burning my toast and what not. Well! not to miss a fellow colleague being mean, and creating a fuss in my head for hours. Frustration can never be enough, enough to summarize in one line. It needs a chips of potato chips and an hour long conversation.

I must say that our wonderful brains have the capacity to catastrophize an ant size problem to a supersize elephant. But instead of encircling the problem, we encircle the entire world around. It just needs a glass full of water turning down the thirst and bringing calm.

Or just opening the window and letting go of things that are not serving away in the air.

Moving further, don’t fixate on the downward spiral or a problem which you can not control. You don’t want to mop your own puke, so puke in the right place and flush it off.

Venting is not a problem, but make it a healthy venting.

Take time vent to someone with whom you feel connected. And once you share, move ahead of the frustration,

Engage in something creative, a hobby or learn something new.

Well! nothing beats preparing a meal that takes you away to another world.

End Note – Nonetheless your day is yours, those 86,400 seconds are for you. Invest in your growth and your happiness.