Stay in flow

Staying is flow is not easy all the time, especially when there is too much information in your head, focusing on the external sources, or self conscious. Each by itself is insufficient.

You must have heard some people constantly complaining about constantly unable or incapable to experience flow.

But, what they fail to understand is less they require external stimuli to represent to their consciousness, could be events or anything, would make them more autonomous from the environment.

It on the contrary creates independence as compared to those who heavily rely on too many external stimulus. It allows you to have flexible attention.

Doesn’t it make you wonder how does one achieve it?

Learning can help you compensate and fall in place. And the only pre-requisite to it to become less self conscious as it acts as a motivation to not get disturbed by external events.

Here are some ways to stay in flow

You must be aware that each one of us have hidden potential within. That is how one excel in their bodily art and some become great athletes or dancers. It is a delight, and anyone can develop sufficient skills to find it.

A place that allows us to have the most exhilarating experiences, is generated inside the mind. The most natural state of mind is chaos. Without training it adequately, no one can focus longer than just a few minutes. And, as often as we leave it to do nothing, it forms patterns, such as grudges, frustrations or things which aren’t so relevant. The reason why meditation acts as a way to gain control over mental processes.

The oldest skill. It gives us the luxury to relive the experiences we once lived, or to brings things in order in our conscious. The better you are able to use it skillfully, more easy it gets to find meaning in the content of mind.

One of the way to enhance your life is through improving the quality of experience. It gives your mind a disciplined means of expression. Writing could be one of the ways and self communication brings things in order.

Your job provides you an opportunity to stay in flow. Looking at it as a way to have challenges, learning and growth. Of course there are certain days when the marketplace makes it sound like a burden from external source. But one can have momentary experience of joy.

“If you are interested in something, you will focus on it, and if you focus attention on anything, it is likely that you will become interested in it. Many of the things we find interesting are not so by nature, but because we took the trouble of paying attention to them.” 
― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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Shift Your Gears From Gloom To Great

While most of us enjoy life with the goodness it offers us. There are times when we end up feeling gloomy and succumb to some serious blues. If this keeps happening with you, find yourself some solutions and get over the dumps that push you down.

You will be surprised by the difference it creates. Believe in the minor acts and get your life back on track.

Here I share some back tracks toward a happy feeling.

  1. Get to the source, read it yourself and find out where it actually dropped down.
  2. Vent it out with someone who makes you feel better.
  3. Watch something that adds to your purpose, or just the things that brings you joy.
  4. Cook yourself a meal, cherish it.
  5. Go for a walk and just observe yourself, your breath, your body, or the birds in the sky.
  6. Listen to music of your choice.
  7. Re-read the quotes, books, poems that instil calm and help you gain back a normal state.
  8. Clean your surroundings.
  9. Delve in your hobby or find one for yourself.
  10. Take a nap (without any regrets)
  11. Take a warm water shower.
  12. Doodle, they don’t need to look pretty or make sense always.
  13. Visit a place or your happy place, where you find that connect.
  14. Write a letter to someone who just stood by you, even if it is you yourself.
  15. Do some headbanging, shake yourself out of it.

And most importantly, allow yourself to experience it. Embrace it. And let it pass. 🙂

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Begin with Attention Management

You must have heard the term “pay attention” since childhood on different instances. Ever wondered – why are you so distracted? So much so that you find it hard to get yourself to focus on the work.

Often, you must have read on topics such as productivity, getting goals accomplished but often missed the essence which lies in attention management.

Attention management is a simple practice of having control over your distractions in the present, and maximising your flow to focus on your potential.

Attention is integral part of personal growth as it has a lot to determine your experiences both inside and outside your home. It helps in a great way to get you closer to accomplishing what you want for yourself. As simple as, preparing your favourite dish, requires your attention.

Attention is like muscles in your body, using them in the right way is important. It puts you in track of your time.

Practising attention consistently is a good way to work around it. As it gets you in a practised routine and get you consistent results.

While looking at the consistency, progressing in it also creates an impact. Notice the time span you are investing in maintaining your attention. No hard and fast rule. You can increase it gradually over a period of time or maintain a fixed one; whatever works for you.

When you lose your attention, noticing that very moment where you lost it, when you lost it, how you lost it, in itself helps you. Noticing and correcting your focus, can be a simple mindfulness technique which can be applied in this case.

Taking control of your attention is the beginning step which can help you to manage your attention in a long run. Take control of your life.

If you wish to read more on it, you can read Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, psychologist Daniel Goleman. He delves into the science of attention.

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Quick Mindset Hacks

As it is often said that, once you hack your mind, almost everything is possible.

You have goals, dreams, aspirations but something or the other keeps getting in your way and make that journey to reach your destination difficult.

If you begin to look at the cons they would always outweigh your pros on those moments. And, I will be honest with you here and say that I have been there and I absolutely resonate with your feelings.

I began with small steps to work on my mindset and it helped me get through.

I am not going to say that it was a cake walk because, it was not. Not at all. It takes time and as I always say lot to do with the process. It takes efforts to change thoughts and beliefs that are so deeply rooted and practised over a zillion times to this day.

Look at your thoughts
One of the first step to begin on personal development. Everything you do in life, achievements, failures are shaped by your thoughts and the thoughts in your mind.
Goes by this sequence –
When you change your thoughts, the entire process changes.

Identify your thoughts
Look at the above sequence and identify your current thoughts.
Ask yourself-
– Is this thought positive/negative?
– If negative, what can I think instead?
– How does that change in thought makes me feel?

Embrace and appreciate
It is really important for your personal growth that you take sometime and embrace and appreciate yourself. It is only when we appreciate, we move further in the journey. If you forget it, keep reminders in your phone and practice that actively.

People vs your mindset
Often, you see yourself getting influenced by people around you. Be mindful of the people you are bringing in your life. Choose quality over quantity always.

Little changes, but full impact. Try for yourself and I am here with you in your journey.

awareness believe believe in yourself boost capacity building conscious consistency create deal with disappointment discoverempower engage entreprenuer fitness gratitudegrowth mindset happiness heal health investlifestyle changes light love manifest Mental Healthmotivation new beginning positive power preventionproblemsolving psychology punctuality quotes rise save selfcareselfgrowth selflove stay strong subconscious mind trustunwind wellness work in progress

Ask Yourself These Questions Every Month.

Looking to this day, the last month of 2019 has begun. And there is nothing more effective than asking oneself effective questions. Sitting and planning about the upcoming month sometimes help, if not always.

Every month is like a new beginning and almost feels like a tabula-rasa. There is a lot you can achieve by just setting some small goals and habits for oneself, just like your own monthly bucket list.

Here are some questions from my list which can help you to uncover and reflect on how you would like your last month of the year to be.

How would I like to feel during this month?
Simple question can help you to bring in a great check on your feelings and help you uncover how you want to feel. It will help you to prioritise on the things or aspects of your life and of course on the parts that will get you closer to how you would like to feel.

Where would I like to be by the end of this month?
It does not have to be revolving around achievements always. You can of other aspects such as your personal growth, a business idea you have been working upon, the actions you would like to take for your life or just a small get away to give yourself a break.

What would make this month accomplishing for me?
It really depends on what makes you feel more satisfied in life. It is important that you do not involve in self doubt but instead look at the things you would like to accomplish for yourself, even if is learning how to drive, or a musical instrument. Anything that makes you feel happy and satisfied in life.

What advice I would like to give myself for this month?
Many of us actively involve in giving others advice. Why give ourselves a backseat then? This is a new practice I started this year and believe me it helps me. All of us have a good share of experiences and on the days we feel low, words help. My last month advice to myself was – “I will give myself a chance to rise today.” Find what helps you.

What is my budget for this month?
Give yourself a set plan and manage in that amount. At the end of the day, we should all save for the days when we just want a break for ourselves. And as grown ups we should sustain independently. I usually take out a monthly expenditure and deposit the rest of my savings.

I hope this helps you in some way. Go, give it a try!

After all, change in itself is process driven.

Cultivating Punctuality

Before beginning to work on punctuality, it is essential that you understand what is making you late. Watch yourself and your routine carefully to identify what really is making you late. DeLonzor author of Never Be Late Again says – many late people — including herself — are likely to have an aversion to leaving the house. To combat this she uses a mantra of sorts: “When I catch myself doing this, I’ll snap or clap and say ‘This can wait.”

This article is not here to make you feel bad about your lateness or to say lateness makes you the worst of all. It is just to help you to work it out, if this is one.

Firstly, If you want to begin with identifying, have a look at DeLonzor who identifies four types of persistently late people

  1. The Crisis Maker
  2. The Defier
  3. The Dreamer
  4. The Perfectionist

I am refraining to crowd this article with too much information so you can go ahead find your type.

Secondly, your motivation is with you. Find. Find Find. because it helps when you have a reason to be on time, it can be anything. I can give you an example here – Reach to work early and head home early to spend time with yourself, your family, or your pet.

Thirdly, begin with declutter. The thing is we unnecessarily clutter our lives with all things, thoughts and what not. Take an example of your cupboard, how easy it gets when you keep things in place, you find them early.

And, lastly, take responsibility. Know what makes you late, it can even be spending too much time in front of the cupboard every morning just to finalise what you’d want to wear today. Take notice of where you are investing too much time where it is not even required. Decide it the night before or wake up early.

End note – You are too amazing to put a blame on yourself for being late. Cultivate an attitude of punctuality, even if it is 10 minutes in prior.

From Subconscious To Conscious

Subconscious – the word that immediately captures our attention.

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Subconscious is a part of mind placed right under your conscious. It works silently, just as the back coding behind your computer screen. It closely works with accepting or rejecting information, and helping you form your perception. Every experience acts like a sponge into your subconscious. It absorbs the detail and information.

All the detail and information that was absorbed gets utilized in a way that helps us to work effectively in the present moment. Our subconscious also referred to as “auto pilot” has immense power to control and navigate our day to day lives, even our preferences perhaps. From the kind of food we eat, music we like, career preferences to the actions we take when faced by stressful events.

It plays a vital role in forming our perceptions. While you were a child you only accepted what was fed into our systems, but as you grew up, you started understanding life differently, and that is how some of the learning created conflicts. For instance – you accepted the when you were told as a child that you can not do this task on your own. As you grew up your immediate reaction to something would be, I can not do this work because I might be incompetent at it. Henceforth, let me give up.

See the thing is, our beliefs are shaped on the basis of your programming, it is similar to how an app functions, just how all the information that is there on the screen consists of a back coding behind it. Often influenced by the people you are surrounded with, environment, texts you read, or perhaps learning in any other format.

So, what can be done , can you never change or restructure. Well! definitely, you can. The subconscious is always working. Though we must understand that what was learnt might take some time to restructure. Although, once you get the information and practice consistently. You can rewire and benefit ourselves.

Here is how:


When you are visualizing the pictures through your mind, the subconscious mind can capture and respond to it. It is a great way to empower and reprogram your mind with uplifting and positive images.

Try practicing for at least 10-15 minutes on daily basis. Simply close your eyes and try to bring attention to the experiences you want to have in your life. It can be visualizing images of a fulfilling relationship, a beautiful home, a dream project or anything.

Most importantly, when you are visualizing, try to emit positive emotions, emit love and gratitude towards the experience. Allow peace to flow through you.

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Resetting Environment

You see environment plays an important role in becoming. Try to keep keen notice that your environment is filled with people who are successful, who are filled with positive and growth mindset. Do not waste your time or energy on something that is not serving you with either one of these.

You many not necessarily seek out for people, it is of course one way. But the other ways of doing it can be listening to courses online, read about people who inspire you and begin.

Binaural Beats

I know it may sound fictional to you as you read this, but there have been overwhelming research on brainwaves and the results have been quite positive. The audio recordings are likely to have altering brainwave effects.

It relies on what you are doing and fall into specific frequencies.

Gamma – while engaging in motor functions

Beta – while conscious and actively concentrating

Alpha – while relaxing

Theta – while you are drowsy or lightly sleeping

Delta – while you are in deep sleep

The reprogramming occurs by creating a receptive medium for installing positive messages.

Ps. I have tried linking some audios for you here. If someone has better audios than the ones linked, please share in the comments below.

“The way to get rid of darkness is with light; the way to overcome cold is with heat; the way to overcome the negative thought is to substitute the good thought. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish.” Jospeh Murphy

Quotes to Help You Transform

We all keep looking for sources to work on ourselves constantly. In this constant seeking process, we look at pages of the books, philosophies, religious books, and sometimes even in the conversations we have in our lives.

Today, the generation is upgrading and updating itself every single moment, then why take a back seat, rather make notes and build something meaningful and magical. On the simplest of things to most debated and searched topics such as how to save money, how to purchase property, etc, etc.

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Here is some motivation for you to go look out find what resonates.

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

“If you want to be tougher mentally, it is simple: Be tougher. Don’t meditate on it” – Jocko Willink

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
– Farrah Gray

“We are the impossibility in an impossible universe.” – Ray Bradbury

“You don’t need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!” – John Lennon

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations.” – John Green

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”  –  Steve Jobs

We shall rise insensibly, and reach the tops of the everlasting hills, where the winds are cool and the sight is glorious.”  – Paul Kalanithi

End note – Your motivation begins to soar when you begin to believe in the possibility of growth.

How to deal with disappointments?

There are days when life throws a curveball and leaves a feeling of disappointment. It makes one feel sad and hollow. You go back to our bed feeling that everything is just not worth it. Perhaps, you won’t ever make up for it and this constant tug gets exhausting.

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If you are finding hard to understand disappointment, I will share some examples with you.

  • You did not score well.
  • You did not get the expected raise.
  • Your partner rejecting you.
  • Your research paper not getting acceptance.

Perhaps, the reason why we tend to feel disappointed can be due to external or internal factors.

Nonetheless, impacts you. So, what can done? Definitely one can’t sit in disappointments forever. It does not mean that you just can’t afford to feel disappointed. You have the right to experience everything that you want.

Here are some ways which can be of some help to you in that time.

Give yourself the time to acknowledge of what happened – Accept your feelings, emotions and thoughts that you have had about the disappointment. When you accept, you give yourself more breathing space. And it certainly helps you to understand the cause of the suffering.

Ask yourself, how can I make this better – I understand that it might not come instantly, but sometimes questions helps us in a great way to bridge the gap. When you ask yourself right questions, you begin to expand and your brain helps us in providing you alternatives.

Do not victimize – It is so easy to slip into victimizing oneself and dooming into the pool. Try staying away from it. It makes you feel small and certainly brings down all the hard work you have put in to build yourself so far.

Expand your thinking to possibilities – Believe me that does makes you feel better, and fill enough dreams to look forward to. Remember when you were a child you would dream of things that you wanted. There is still scope to improvise and shift gears to what all is out there for you.

Bush off and shine bright – Begin to raise your game, look at your skills, look at what you have in your hand to make it better. If there is something out there that will help you become better, do that. Learn, learn learn.

Be grateful – How much ever you get disappointed in life, remember there is still part of your life that still shines. Count on it as a blessing, whether it is the house you stay in, your pet, your child, your plant, your success, or anything. Express gratitude and let good unfold for you.

Remember You are here to grow beyond the disappointments life throws at you. 🙂

How To Save Your Energy

Most often when the day ends, we tend to regret for not utilising our time efficiently.

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Breakdowns happen on the rarest of times on the strangest of things. Its true that we tend to slip off the grid. It makes us feel that everything is futile. Ennui befalls everyone. But what we push away is our own hidden resources that can help us to overcome.

I have been there so many times, and I know that smile on your face is enough of an evidence for me to know that you have been there, or are there too.

I remember getting frustrated on small and futile topics at work. For instance – wifi not working, coffee machine going out of work, burning my toast and what not. Well! not to miss a fellow colleague being mean, and creating a fuss in my head for hours. Frustration can never be enough, enough to summarize in one line. It needs a chips of potato chips and an hour long conversation.

I must say that our wonderful brains have the capacity to catastrophize an ant size problem to a supersize elephant. But instead of encircling the problem, we encircle the entire world around. It just needs a glass full of water turning down the thirst and bringing calm.

Or just opening the window and letting go of things that are not serving away in the air.

Moving further, don’t fixate on the downward spiral or a problem which you can not control. You don’t want to mop your own puke, so puke in the right place and flush it off.

Venting is not a problem, but make it a healthy venting.

Take time vent to someone with whom you feel connected. And once you share, move ahead of the frustration,

Engage in something creative, a hobby or learn something new.

Well! nothing beats preparing a meal that takes you away to another world.

End Note – Nonetheless your day is yours, those 86,400 seconds are for you. Invest in your growth and your happiness.