Cultivating Punctuality

Before beginning to work on punctuality, it is essential that you understand what is making you late. Watch yourself and your routine carefully to identify what really is making you late. DeLonzor author of Never Be Late Again says – many late people — including herself — are likely to have an aversion to leaving the house. To combat this she uses a mantra of sorts: “When I catch myself doing this, I’ll snap or clap and say ‘This can wait.”

This article is not here to make you feel bad about your lateness or to say lateness makes you the worst of all. It is just to help you to work it out, if this is one.

Firstly, If you want to begin with identifying, have a look at DeLonzor who identifies four types of persistently late people

  1. The Crisis Maker
  2. The Defier
  3. The Dreamer
  4. The Perfectionist

I am refraining to crowd this article with too much information so you can go ahead find your type.

Secondly, your motivation is with you. Find. Find Find. because it helps when you have a reason to be on time, it can be anything. I can give you an example here – Reach to work early and head home early to spend time with yourself, your family, or your pet.

Thirdly, begin with declutter. The thing is we unnecessarily clutter our lives with all things, thoughts and what not. Take an example of your cupboard, how easy it gets when you keep things in place, you find them early.

And, lastly, take responsibility. Know what makes you late, it can even be spending too much time in front of the cupboard every morning just to finalise what you’d want to wear today. Take notice of where you are investing too much time where it is not even required. Decide it the night before or wake up early.

End note – You are too amazing to put a blame on yourself for being late. Cultivate an attitude of punctuality, even if it is 10 minutes in prior.

5 thoughts on “Cultivating Punctuality

  1. There may also be a cultural aspect to punctuality. The English, the French, Americans are very punctual. It’s bred in the early years. I’m French, my grandmother was English, she would not have tolerated more than 5 minutes late. I only remember one friend at school who was always one hour late. After a while we gave up. And made appointments with him one hour before the actual time… So as we arrived one hour after, he was on time.

  2. I was a serial tarrier before. But having identified my weaknesses, I eventually remedied my situation. I started by getting into the root of the problem. And for me, I found that sleep deprivation was my culprit. Lack of sleep made me feel sluggish and unmotivated, enough to ruin my entire morning routine.

    Thank you for this informative post. Even though I was able to work things out, I could use some if your tips here to become more punctual. It won’t hurt to be the new “early bird” in my circle. 🙂

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