Create Space

You, at some point of time would have felt that you require space.

Space could mean differently for different people. My concept of space can be totally different from your idea, considering individual differences.

Space can be utilised for emotion management, space in a relationship, or space in life, in general.

How often do you give yourself space?

Space to be where you are. Letting yourself be. The point begins when you indulge in it by creating one for yourself.

You are often preoccupied with an event from past or what is the next thing coming up….How will you react on this situation or that situation.

Creating space is not a bourgeois concept. It is in the simple act of being. In flaws, on grass and looking at the night sky. It all happens when you allow yourself to be.

If you feel that you can’t do it; begin with writing your emotions on a piece of paper, let your system express it out and then sit back. Let that calm be with you. Let those tears be with you. Let you feel what you are.

It is all worth it.

Sharing one of my favourite quote here,

“You shall be together, always. But let there be space in your togetherness, for letting you feel who you are.”

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