Working on Inner Harmony

What does it really mean…

Our happiness hugely depends on how our mind filters and interprets day to day situations and experiences.

A lot of our experiences are based on our perceptions and how we take things. And that further down comes from our inner harmony.

We feel happy because it depends on our inner harmony. Similarly, the people who are content/ satisfied in their life irrespective of their situations/ circumstances, comes hugely from their inner harmony. They tend to stay neutral across situations.

We tend to feel low on every little thing that happens to us. Rather we must choose/ learn to find joy, purpose and enjoyment, regardless of their circumstances.

To feel/ become happy, we must strive to become independent of social environment, in a way becoming less sensitive to rewards, or punishments.

Don’t exploit your inner harmony by getting influenced by either external sources/ environment or the society, as well as the inner desires/human nature.

We must thrive to find meaning in the ongoing stream of day-to-day experiences, in the process of living our lives.

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