Begin with Attention Management

You must have heard the term “pay attention” since childhood on different instances. Ever wondered – why are you so distracted? So much so that you find it hard to get yourself to focus on the work.

Often, you must have read on topics such as productivity, getting goals accomplished but often missed the essence which lies in attention management.

Attention management is a simple practice of having control over your distractions in the present, and maximising your flow to focus on your potential.

Attention is integral part of personal growth as it has a lot to determine your experiences both inside and outside your home. It helps in a great way to get you closer to accomplishing what you want for yourself. As simple as, preparing your favourite dish, requires your attention.

Attention is like muscles in your body, using them in the right way is important. It puts you in track of your time.

Practising attention consistently is a good way to work around it. As it gets you in a practised routine and get you consistent results.

While looking at the consistency, progressing in it also creates an impact. Notice the time span you are investing in maintaining your attention. No hard and fast rule. You can increase it gradually over a period of time or maintain a fixed one; whatever works for you.

When you lose your attention, noticing that very moment where you lost it, when you lost it, how you lost it, in itself helps you. Noticing and correcting your focus, can be a simple mindfulness technique which can be applied in this case.

Taking control of your attention is the beginning step which can help you to manage your attention in a long run. Take control of your life.

If you wish to read more on it, you can read Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, psychologist Daniel Goleman. He delves into the science of attention.

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