Ways to Change Routine

Whether it is anyone, at a given point all of us get bored of the monotonous routine. As humans we feel lethargic and lifeless.

Since, it is the holiday season and I am assuming that most of you would be going out to meet your family and celebrate. But for those who want to lay back and stay home, here are things you can try staying inside.

Shifting Positions
Sometimes staying a particular way just gets monotonous. You can shift anything that is easy to move for one or two people. Try changing the way your bedroom is done or for that matter your living area. If you have a small apartment, try moving things from their current position. Try new settings inside. I know, some of you must be wondering that I like it how it is now, but sometimes bringing in some change is not that bad either. It can help you understand how things can look differently in the same room with mere shifting and perhaps it looks even better.

Eating Routine
Try making some salads, bake a cake, or roast. Do what you were wanting to do from a long time. As small as making sunny side up or a coleslaw for you and your dear ones.

Try having a conversation with anyone whom you have not interacted with for a long time. Could be an old friend or a family member whom you connect with. I would suggest avoid chatting, try something like a voice call, video call (if you are comfortable with that).

You do not have to be too skilled at moving a brush, or a crayon. It is not important how you do it, you can use your fingers, hands, paper, anything. Just pour colours. Trust me it feels good to do somethings.

Wish you all happy holidays!🎄

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